The Women and Children’s Hope Foundation (WCHF) is a self-funded operating foundation and registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization founded by Danielle and Sloane Bouchever in 2006.

WCHF is focused on providing assistance to disadvantaged women and children through education, economic development and health care programs (including public health programs). WCHF utilizes volunteers to assist with US and International based programs (in less advantaged areas) when applicable. It is also our mission to engage in cooperative ventures with other organizations to accomplish our purposes.

WCHF works primarily with and for women and children. WCHF also understands that the health welfare of women and children is reliant on the health and welfare of men, families and communities. Therefore, WCHF has no limitations on population groups to be served.

“Factors that impact environmental health must be viewed in a holistic fashion. The stressors that impact environmental health must be approached as a whole and should include projects that arrest the downward of spiral poverty. I believe that one of the major improvements to a population's general health is increased wealth. WCHF projects are geared to manage very specific problems with an eye to economic development and participant independence as its core goals.” - Danielle Bouchever, President

WCHF has completed construction in Haiti of 3 new schools, 2 community centers, a library and a computer center. In early 2019 WCHF will begin construction of a medical and dental center and pharmacy in Flon, Haiti.

The current school
Timo, Haiti school children in front of their old school
The new school
Timo, Haiti: College Dan America grades 1-8 built by the Women and Children's Hope Foundation


Educational Scholarships

WCHF awards scholarships to promising young Haitians in dentistry, agronomy, nursing, labor and delivery, construction and commercial truck and taxi driving. WCHF believes strongly that economic advancement begins with education. Since 2007 nearly 100 students have received WCHF Scholarships in Haiti and the USA.

Entrepreneurship Training

WCHF provides leadership and entrepreneurship workshops in Haiti. Among other programs, WCHF is working with a group of 15 women from the Timo, Haiti community who are learning the principles of business development, including: business planning, marketing, sales skills, conflict resolution, accounting, and business analysis with modifications.

Economic Development

WCHF partners with Heifer International for animal husbandry. The program will increase the availability of domestic goat meat and milk to the local population and enhance the socio-economic well being of small producers through the improvement of the existing low-yielding goat production.

Environmental Improvement

WCHF has recently completed building a Community Education Center which will demonstrate the following: a solar power system, catch water system (with cistern), goat breeding facilities, composting, a seedling nursery for 15,000 saplings and a library for children. WCHF is also developing a tool lending program and community demonstration kitchen gardens.

Timo, Haiti Community Center construction in October 2014, now serves as a vital hub for the community

Our Team

Danielle Bouchever, President, Board Member and Co-Founder (USA)
Sloane Bouchever, Secretary, Board Member and Co-Founder (USA)
Timothy Whipple, Accountant and Board Member (USA)
Estanly Louis Jeune, Education & Scholarship Project Mgr (Haiti)
Stephanie Morgan, Women’s Health Coordinator (USA)
Braden Trauth, Permaculture & Animal Husbandry Advisor (USA)
Jean Harrison, Economic Development Trainer (Canada)
Ernst Valmond, Computer skills instructor
WCHF awards scholarships in dentistry, agronomy, nursing, labor/delivery, construction, commercial truck and taxi driving.


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Timo, Haiti: Library built by the Women and Children's Hope Foundation